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Listen to the only known recording of Dr. James Naismith in this 1939 radio interview:

One Game, One Gift, One Legacy Fundraising Campaign


Have you ever been given a gift that you could never repay? I know I have. So what do you do in that situation. In the past I often hear that some folks want to "pay it forward" and bless the person without being known. Some seek to honor the gift giver by "paying it backward" and blessing a cause that was/is close to the gift givers heart. Either way, both possess honor in doing good. Which reminds me of a meaningful quote by Stanfield: You cannot do all the good the world needs...But the world needs all the good you can do.

ACC Receives Naismith Legacy Award

Other than the Final Four, there is no place to be in March that is more exciting than the Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball Tournament in Greensboro, NC. From the opening day of Fan Fest to the final buzzer of the Championship game, fans were treated to a special experience.

What does it mean to “restore the game back to its roots”?

Dr. James Naismith created a game that was intended to be fun, provide exercise while  challenging the minds of the players, encouraging teamwork , discipline and hard work.  The game could be used as a vehicle to build character and teach sportsmanship.   Dr. Naismith also knew “the game”

The Naismith Legacy Approach

We approach sports with its intended purpose in mind and at heart.