What is a Naismith Legacy Days Event?

The Naismith Legacy Days celebrates a sports movement and honors the story of Dr. Naismith’s life and the incredible life lessons he left for us to discover and experience. His calling was to leave this world a better place and he succeeded in monumental ways. We are committed to seeing his legacy restored, renewed and revived by building partnerships with people and organizations who share the same vision of having a positive impact on today’s sports world by thinking in new ways and by looking at history to learn where we have been, see where we are now and plan where we are to go. Here are a few projects we can provide to accomplish the goals and build partnerships that have real significance as we experience the Naismith Legacy Days together.

How Does it Work?

  1. Contact our office to discuss details and schedule the Naismith Legacy Days for your area, organization or team. We can help you determine what components of the Naismith Legacy Days are best suited for your event. Most consist of one day event with activity of NL Clinic, Tour Way and Workshops
  2. Planning for the event, starts with a NL Clinic designed to be a community wide springboard for you and a platform to add other components to make this a special day.
  3. Promote to local schools, all levels of sports teams, churches, coach/official associations, local community to participate. This event can be used as a membership drive, an organizational wide promotional event or other unique custom opportunities relevant to you.