Dr. James Naismith created a game that was intended to be fun, provide exercise while challenging the minds of the players encouraging teamwork, discipline and hard work.  The game could be used as a vehicle to build character and teach sportsmanship.   Dr. Naismith also knew “the game” could teach the lessons of life and faith.  Dr. Naismith believed with the proper perspective, we can gain wisdom & insight to our purpose and “leave this world a better place for being here.”   We believe that is “The Naismith Legacy”


Over the years, Dr. Naismith’s dream has faded as the world has taken the game in other directions. As stewards of his legacy and his beloved game that has had a huge impact on the world and culture, we will restore his dream by restoring the game to those roots. Our movement will lead all the participants of the game, including players, coaches, parents and officials to change thinking and rebuild the legacy of the game for generations who come after us. Let’s Renew the heart of youth sports and Redeem the counter balance of influence for good. We will Restore, The Naismith Legacy.

The initial way to get connected is through the Naismith Legacy Alliance Partnership’s “Naismith Legacy Days” event. Please see the Naismith Legacy Days tab for more information.

What makes us different?
We approach sports with its intended purpose in mind and at heart. Therefore we incorporate ALL participants in the game: namely the COACH, the PARENT, the OFFICIAL and the PLAYER: which provides the greatest opportunity for success.



Our youth are our best renewable resource. Sports are the greatest testing ground for having fun, learning life lessons and living out core values. Dr. Naismith created a game that has changed the way we think about play and its purpose. So we put all that information into a training series called The Naismith Legacy Way.



A Naismith Legacy Parent is a parent whose motivation is love, whose word is trustworthy and who seeks the best interest of their kids. The NL Parent understands that they hold great influence in their kids' lives, sports is a great teacher of life lessons and accepts the help of others in teaching their kids core value principles. They work diligently to lay, brick by brick, a stable foundation for their kids. The foundation is based on core values like respect, family and integrity.



The coach is the most influential person in a kid’s life, next to their parents. That is why it is important to seek personal and professional development to better serve the families and players that come under your care. The Naismith Legacy Coach workshop series will help focus your efforts to use sports to influence a kid’s world.



Dr. Naismith gave us the first set of rules and helped manage the games growth. If we have no rules or rulebook, chaos ensues. If we have no officials, there is no game. The official’s two primary purposes are safety and fairness. The relationships within the game need to be built on respect and honor, and we need to tear down the wall of the current condition of enemy, evil one and blind.