Basketball first arrived at the college level early in the history of the game. Geneva College in Beaver Falls Pa was the site of the first game at a college. Dr. Bemies, a Naismith protégé, came to Geneva in 1893 and brought the game with him. He held the first college game in April 1893. They played the New Brighton YMCA team. The spread of the game through the college level was dramatic. By early 1900’s many of the colleges had teams. The game is now a major force in all divisions of college sports. We understand one way to grow the movement and mission is to partner with as many colleges and universities as possible.

What is a Naismith Legacy Alliance Partnership?

Dr. James Naismith’s legacy is directly tied to the YMCA’s Training Center at Springfield College, for that is where he was assigned the daunting task of inventing a new game which one his students named Basket Ball. Naismith lived a very unique life and left great life principles based on biblical precepts to live by. But, not many people know the way he lived or his full story. The “Alliance” not only promotes the life of Dr. Naismith, but also the history and mission of the sport of basketball and uses the platform of the world wide—deep history of basketball to communicate the overall message.

Naismith Legacy Group is on a mission to provide a new way of thinking about youth sports in order to change perception, mind set and behavior as well as to promote the Naismith story as a major grass roots movement and to challenge & educate players, coaches, parents

Will you join us in “Alliance” and lock arms and begin to provide multiple ways to fulfill the mission—together? All it takes is for your Y to “vote” Yes is completing the commitment card. Then we can count you in & contact you on how we can serve you and get this Alliance moving—together.

How Does Naismith Legacy Alliance Partnership Work?

This simple but meaningful partnership begins with your organization agreeing to sign your name on a commitment card stating your organization will take a stand and commit to being counted as a “Game Changer” by joining an “Alliance” with Naismith Legacy Group’s mission of helping others to think differently about youth sports, by helping to restore the game back to its roots. Then we will contact you to discuss the next step, which start with a Naismith Days Event at your facility. Together we will advance and strengthen the heart of youth sports within our community with the goal of, “leaving this world a better place for having been here.”
Dr. James Naismith

Historical College Basketball Programs

For various reasons we could never list the total list of opportunities by just highlight a few:

Geneva College: Birthplace of College Basketball

UCLA, Kansas, North Carolina State, Duke, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, Florida, North Carolina University, Pitt, Georgetown, Butler, Gonzaga, Michigan State, Louisville, Wake Forest, etc…